How to Design a People-Driven Workplace Transformation Plan

Workplace transformation has not only become common in recent years, it has become an imperative for any company that wants to stay relevant and successful in today’s uncertain times. Today’s economy is volatile, after all, and many organizations have adapted by transforming workplaces, upskilling workforces, restructuring, and redefining their operating models, among other things. [...]

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What Does a Change Management Specialist Do?

The change management specialist is becoming a more common job role in today’s workplace.  Since continuous change has become the norm in the modern business world, business leaders have begun to recognize the need for formal change management.  Change management specialists fulfil that role by organizing and managing organizational change initiatives.   For those interested in [...]

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Casseo’s Transformation Podcast Series – Episode 4

Is your organisation on a journey to enhance it’s Operations project delivery capability & readiness as part of a transformational change programme – or  are you concerned about your Operations programme or project team’s ability to deliver? If the answer is yes, then today's podcast is one for you. In this episode, Liz [...]

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Casseo’s Transformation Podcast Series – Episode 3

Is your business in the middle of a Business Process Re-engineering programme? Or are you considering embarking on a BPR journey in the future? In this episode, Casseo consultant Lorna Tuohy and Casseo director Liz Doyle, discuss some of the risks and benefits associated with Business Process Re-engineering and its impact on organisations [...]

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Dear delivery managers – Does this sound familiar?

Head of Delivery/Change/Program Managers will be all too familiar with the challenges of keeping an ever evolving and sometimes over loaded Programme & Project Roadmap on track. The current delivery landscape sees project requirements and interdependencies coming from a variety of sources such as: Client Requirements IT Change Regulatory Change Strategic Business Change [...]

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Casseo’s Transformation Podcast Series – Episode 2

Are You Currently in the Process of Establishing a PMO? Or Are You Concerned About How to Manage the Progression Of The PMO Within Your Organisation? If the answer is yes, then today's podcast is one for you. In this episode, Liz Doyle, Director at Casseo, discusses how to establish and manage a [...]

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Casseo’s Transformation Podcast Series – Episode 1

Have You Considered Embarking On The Business Process Outsourcing Journey? Or Are You Currently Involved In A BPO Programme? If the answer is yes, then today's podcast is for you. In this episode, Ed Coonan and Liz Doyle, Casseo Directors, discuss BPO from the perspective of the Change Manager. Listen here: [...]

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9 Lame Excuses for not Killing Projects

Interesting read on on how it is still common practice not to kill non-productive projects and the most consistently used reasons for same: #1 The need to get anything to market #2 Sunk Cost Reasoning #3 ''We've almost found a way'' #4 Executive 'Pet' projects #5 No better projects in the portfolio #6 No [...]

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Why you should involve the whole organisation on the transformation journey

Informative and open podcast on Involving the whole organisation on the Transformation Journey with Tim Davies, CEO of BBC Studios on PWC’s Transformation Talks Series. I am somewhat late to the party with this blog as it took place in September 2018, however, I enjoyed listening to this finding it insightful and refreshingly open and [...]

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Thinking of Contracting in Ireland?

Are you considering a move to Ireland or within Ireland to take up a contract role? If so this is an excellent article from our strategic partner Fenero providing insights and advice on the tax relief and some of the costs associated with your relocation that you may be entitled to:

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