Head of Delivery/Change/Program Managers will be all too familiar with the challenges of keeping an ever evolving and sometimes over loaded Programme & Project Roadmap on track.

The current delivery landscape sees project requirements and interdependencies coming from a variety of sources such as:

  • Client Requirements
  • IT Change
  • Regulatory Change
  • Strategic Business Change

It is extremely rare that resources with the right skill-set just happen to be available when required. Indeed more often than not resource pools are fully utilised or the delivery team is challenged with key man dependencies or shortfalls in specific skill-sets.

At Casseo we know your business and the business of change. Our team is led by directors that have been in your position and faced the same challenges. Our clients rely on us when faced with the problem to provide skilled delivery consultants and they partner with us to outsource the end-to-end delivery of projects or simply complement their existing resource pool, alleviating key man dependencies or specific skill-set constraints.

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