Highly skilled Business Change / Project Management professionals should be a key consideration for your organisation as we emerge from the Pandemic to help get critical programs back delivering at full-tilt and/or minimise business recovery timeframes.

Most industries and businesses have been under significant pressure to keep delivering strategic and business critical programmes & projects with a view to minimising business recovery timeframes but some will find themselves in the chaos of re-mobilising where programmes/projects were unavoidably stalled or put on hold.

As a Business Change Executive or Senior Delivery Manager you may now also find yourself impacted by:
1. Permanent Hiring moratoriums while your organisation assesses business impacts and its overall recovery strategy
2. Protracted timeframes associated with the hiring process and on-boarding of permanent hires
3. Immediate requirements for agile and adaptable resources, familiar with your industry who can hit the ground running and do so remotely (if/as required)

Employers group Ibec launched a proposed economic recovery plan ‘Reboot & Re-imagine’ ( https://www.ibec.ie/influencing-for-business/ibec-campaigns/reboot-and-reimagine ); this report contained the results of a survey of 550 CEO’s of Ibec member firms

72% of respondents said they expected to return to pre-Covid-19 levels of demand within a year of restrictions being lifted – that time is now.

A number of well known, large scale organisations have also announced that they intend to continue with remote working indefinitely and as such; the requirement for highly skilled and adaptable resources with the ability to be effective and deliver without extensive on-site onboarding programs has never been greater.

How can Casseo help you navigate your way through the recovery from these very challenging times and keep you delivering against your strategic change roadmap;
1. We understand your business: Casseo is led by industry leading Business Change & Project Delivery experts who have a career lifetime and proven track record of delivering enterprise scale Business Change. When you engage Casseo, you can be assured that we understand your challenges and have the experience to assign experienced professionals to augment your team so you don’t have to invest a significant amount of time in the interview; selection; onboarding; induction and integration process
2. Turnaround & Onboarding: Casseo can provide experience Business Change resources with immediate availability and the exact skills match to ensure you get the best possible delivery result for your Programme/Project initiative.
3. Adaptive & Agile Resources: Our resources are used to working across a range of Sectors & assignments, stepping into programs at various stages of their lifecycle and working remotely if/as required.
4. Cost effective: Casseo provide a fully-inclusive daily rate fee; there are no hidden costs. This combined with the benefits of resources with the ability to hit the ground running means it is less costly than a fully-loaded permanent hire
5. Flexible: Casseo resources can be engaged for short term periods to get you through a peak in demand or simply to strengthen your existing delivery team with specific skill sets that may not exist in your permanent resource pool or to work on a particularly sensitive project. Also, as your skills requirements change, it allows you the flexibility to adjust your resources to suit specific demand at any time to ensure optimum delivery capability.

Who we are:
• We are your Partner in Business Change & Project Management
• We offer a full range of related services with a proven reputation for delivering results.
• We have 20+ years track record across Ireland; UK & Europe delivering successful Business Change projects for leading Companies/Organisations.
• We have a network of over 300+ Programme/Project Management delivery & change experts.
• Experience across a range of sectors including Financial Services; Pharma; Medical Devices; Public Sector and Multi-National organisations with leading brands & household names as key clients.

We understand your business and the business of change
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